pilling tubes for orbitor tumble pilling tester

Pilling/Snagging Materials

Valid test results are only generated if steps are taken to minimise all variables in the process, such as using branded James Heal pilling and snagging test materials


​From cork liners, pilling tubes, and snagging points for Orbitor; to liners, ramps, half-size pilling tubes, locking rings and snagging bars for the M&S Pilling/Snagging Drum. We also supply ​cork liners, cotton sliver and specimen edge glue for Impulse, and felt covered pilling tubes, locking rings and snagging bars for SnagPod.

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  • ASTM D3512
  • ASTM D4970
  • BS 5811
  • BS 8479 (SnagPod)
  • DIN 53 867
  • EN ISO 12945-1
  • EN ISO 12945-2
  • EN ISO 12945-3
  • ICI Test Method 444
  • M&S P18A
  • M&S P18B
  • M&S P21A
  • NF G 07-121
  • NF G 07-132
  • Woolmark TM152
  • Woolmark TM196


  • 457± 2mm length - Per pack (50)
  • For Orbitor Pilling Boxes (mounted on steel plates) - Per set (6)
  • Approx 1 metre per pack
  • SnagPod Felt-Covered Polyurethane Tubes - Per pack (4)
  • 140.25mm long - Per pack (4)

Use our cork liners and other pilling consumables on Impulse and other Random Tumble Pilling Testers​

Neil Pryke - Innovation Director

​Use our woven and nonwoven felt pads for conducting pilling tests on Martindale

Claire Lister - Textile Technologist