pilling tubes for orbitor tumble pilling tester

Pilling/Snagging Materials

Valid test results are only generated if steps are taken to minimise all variables in the process, such as using branded James Heal pilling and snagging test materials


We offer an extensive range of test materials, designed to complement our portfolio of pilling and snagging instruments. This helps to minimise the number of variations when carrying out fabric testing and improve the validity as a result.

The range of materials stocked includes cork liners, pilling tubes and snagging points to be used with the Orbitor. Liners, ramps, half-size pilling tubes, locking rings and snagging bars for the M&S Pilling/ Snagging Drum. Cork liners, cotton silver and specimen edge glue for Impulse and felt covered pilling tubes, locking rings and snagging bars for SnagPod.

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  • ASTM D3512
  • ASTM D4970
  • BS 5811
  • BS 8479 (SnagPod)
  • DIN 53 867
  • EN ISO 12945-1
  • EN ISO 12945-2
  • EN ISO 12945-3
  • ICI Test Method 444
  • M&S P18A
  • M&S P18B
  • M&S P21A
  • NF G 07-121
  • NF G 07-132
  • Woolmark TM152
  • Woolmark TM196


  • 457± 2mm length - Per pack (50)
  • For Orbitor Pilling Boxes (mounted on steel plates) - Per set (6)
  • Approx 1 metre per pack
  • SnagPod Felt-Covered Polyurethane Tubes - Per pack (4)
  • 140.25mm long - Per pack (4)

Use our cork liners and other pilling consumables on Impulse and other Random Tumble Pilling Testers​

Neil Pryke - Innovation Director

​Our woven and nonwoven felt pads are designed for conducting pilling tests on Martindale

Claire Lister - Textile Technologist