James Heal multifibre test material consumable


​Multifibre Adjacent Fabric for a variety of Colour Fastness tests


​Multifibre, comprising strips of different fibres, is used as the adjacent fabric in many colour fastness tests including colour fastness to washing, dry cleaning, water, perspiration and many others. It complies with the requirements of ISO 105 F10 and is approved by Marks & Spencer, NEXT and many other UK and European specifiers. We offer two types: Multifibre DW and Multifibre LW. Approved by Marks & Spencer, our Multifibre LW is as the traditional Multifibre DW, but the Acetate strip is replaced by a regenerated cellulose strip.

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Every metre of Multifibre is visually inspected to ensure you get fabric of the highest quality

Our team of trained and experienced weaving technicians are dedicated to producing high quality products

Made on-site, using modern, high speed, weaving machines to optimise quality and consistency


  • ISO 105-F10


  • Roll (10m)
  • 10 x 4 cm (gimped edges) - 250 pieces (per box)
  • 10 x 5 cm (gimped edges) - 200 pieces (per box)
  • TV Style 41 - 10m Roll
  • Style 42 - 10m Roll
  • Style 49 - 10m Roll

We've been a James Heal customer for 25+ years. Their test materials quality and reliability is second to none.

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Regenerated cellulose is more relevant than Acetate to the fibres commonly found in current apparel fabrics. We have added a thoroughly tested colourfast identification strip into the selvedge of our Multifibre LW to aid stock identification.

Peter Goodwin, James Heal