A row of James Heal's textile testing instruments - ProMace, ProView, Martindale, TruBurst and Impulse


For 145 years we've built a reputation for the consistent high quality of our materials testing instruments. Our expertise spans multiple sectors: from traditional textiles, to smart fabrics, non-wovens, rubber, wood and plastic.

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Faster, smarter testing

1 Advanced software
2 Precision engineered
3 Technical expertise

Titan 10

A new revolution in strength testing

  • Dual column strength tester, with up to 10kN capacity
  • Greater accuracy, efficiency and ease of use
  • Over 500 pre-loaded standards
  • Free software upgrades with TechSmart Titan
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R&D market leaders​

We continually invest in research and development: listening to, and acting on customer needs. Never one to follow the status quo; we have always innovated, led with integrity, and put customer needs first. These core values are what’s helped us stay successful all these years.

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World class support

​As textile technologists ourselves, we know that providing the best instruments is only half the equation. Our range of support options give you reassurance that should a problem arise, we’re here to help - wherever you are in the world.

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