WickView Moisture Management Tester


Moisture Management Tester



WickView is a state-of-the-art instrument that uses an advanced imaging system to track and record the transfer of moisture through a garment, helping to understand its effectiveness at moisture management and wicking behaviour.


Vertical and Horizontal Testing

WickView can be rotated to test specimens both vertically and horizontally, to better replicate how clothes are worn on the body, or how nonwovens are deployed in real life. Traditional horizontal moisture management testers only replicate the part of the garment worn on the shoulder.

Meaningful Results Reporting

The way WickView calculates and records results is a truer representation of real life, in comparison to existing methods of testing. By examining the direction, shape, speed and actual wet area of fabric, WickView is accurately measuring how sweat is drawn away from a wearer’s body.

Innovative Technology

High definition cameras are positioned on either side of the specimen to record the movement of the water.

Water Delivery System

The water delivery system replicates sweat - wicking isn’t forced but instead the fabric draws liquid from water delivery system, as a garment would draw sweat from skin.

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Material / End use

Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Height 420mm
Width 870mm
Depth 430mm
Weight 40kg