TruRain water repellency tester bundesmann


Water Repellency Tester



TruRain is the definitive Bundesmann tester, an artificial rain shower testing instrument for determining the water repellency of textiles. It is designed with precision in mind, to reduce inconsistency and improve the accuracy and repeatability of results.


Automated Shower Guard

An integrated, automated shower guard diverts the water flow before and after each test to keep the operator dry when inserting and removing the specimens.

Easy to Maintain

The 300 evenly distributed nozzles, which produce rain drops for the test, are easy to clean and maintain. The nozzles can be primed, a process of forcing high pressure water through the system to ensure no blockages.

TestWise Touch

Our TestWise software is user friendly, automating the process of testing and alerting the user of when to grade the specimens based on the ISO standard.

Standard Compliance

TruRain can test to ISO 9865 - Determination of water repellency of fabrics by the Bundesmann rain-shower test. TestWise Touch can be set to warn the user when they are deviating from the standard.

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Material / End use

Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Woman in rain in raincoat outdoorwear application

Outdoor Wear

Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Height 2260mm
Width 830mm
Depth 1000mm
Weight 270kg


  • ISO 9865