snagpod snagging resistance tester for use with orbitor


Snagging Resistance Tester for use with Orbitor



Snagging Resistance Tester for use with Orbitor Pilling and Snagging Tester. For the evaluation of the snagging tendency of knitted or woven apparel fabrics - ideal for sportswear manufacturers and adopted by Nike®and their suppliers.

James Heal led the development of the SnagPod to solve the problem of testing for undesirable loops on the surface of garments.


Ideal for sportswear

Tests for the appearance of undesirable loops on the surface of garments, and is ideal for testing woven sports fabrics such as football shirts

Easy set up

Snagging bars inclined towards the direction of rotation, and are laser marked, saving time by making the SnagPod easier to set up

Angled Pins

4 rows of 20 angled pins spaced evenly inside the octagonal chamber

Consistency & accuracy

Developed with the support of prominent retailers and test houses to establish a more realistic and accurate to real life method for evaluating the snagging

Material / End use

Pile of jumpers, textiles, apparel, fabric


Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


padded headboard upholstery in light grey - suitable for textile testing


Backpacks and outdoorwear in mountain setting


Technical Specification

Height 284mm
Width 244mm
Depth 279mm
Weight 7.18kg


  • BS 8479 (SnagPod)