Flexiframe stretch and recovery tester for knitted and woven textile testing


Stretch and Recovery Tester



An accurate and flexible instrument for testing the stretch, growth and recovery properties of knitted and woven fabrics. Calibrated to ISO 17025, for confidence in the repeatability of your results.


Portable or wall mounted

Supplied as either portable (on wheels) or wall-mounted to suit your laboratory environment.

Complete Flexibility

FlexiFrame allows for testing of both knitted and woven fabrics on any station. Current equivalents on the market require two separate instruments to meet

Range of accessories

A range of accessories included, such as hanger assembly and stackable weights - for everything you need to test to ASTM D3107, Arcadia AG31, Ralph Lauren and ASTM D2594

Standardised and calibrated

Standardised and calibrated, giving you and your customers confidence in the quality and repeatability of your results.

Dimensional Stability Ruler

A ruler which measures stretch and shrinkage in both distance and percentage is an effective way to simplify the measurement of results.

Detachable timers

Equipped with a timer which can be numbered, so you can move away from the instrument and complete other tasks

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Material / End use

close-up woven fabric used in textile testing

Woven fabrics

Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


close yo cream coloured wool from knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics

Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Wall mounted and floor standing models available
Space requirements
Wheel Based FlexiFrame (6 Stations) Height 175.0cm
Width 128.9cm
Depth 81.0cm
Wall Mounted FlexiFrame (3 Stations) Height 168.6cm
Width 55.3cm
Depth 20.5cm
Approximate net weight
Wheel Based FlexiFrame (6 Stations) 48.3kg
Wall Mounted FlexiFrame (3 Stations) 15.9kg
Power Not required
Read our Frequently Asked Questions and download the Operators Guide for FlexiFrame Stretch and Recovery Tester Applications Support KnowledgeHub


  • ASTM D2594 – i 10.3
  • ASTM D2594 – ii 10.4
  • ASTM D3107 - i 10.3 & 10.4
  • ASTM D3107 - ii 10.5
  • Arcadia AG31 - ii
Ralph Lauren
  • Ralph Lauren Fabric Stretch

Additional information

FlexiFrame is a stretch and recovery instrument. Stretch and recovery testing is used to determine the stretch, comfort and fit of a fabric, as well as understanding how well the fabric recovers. FlexiFrame offers flexible and accurate static extension testing. Each of the stations is totally interchangeable, allowing any station to do any test at any one time. FlexiFrame meets the requirements of a broad range of standards, including ASTM, Arcadia and Ralph Lauren.

User error and calculation time are minimised by using the stretch and recovery ruler which allows the user to measure the percentage stretch and recovery directly without calculation. FlexiFrame has an extensive range of accessories, meaning testing can be done to an assortment of standards.