James Heal AccuDry standardised tumble dryer for textile testing


Standardised European Tumble Dryer with TestWise Touch™



Standardised Tumble Dryer for textile testing. Used to simulate domestic laundering conditions, drying tests and shrinkage testing to meet standards and retailer test methods. With TestWise Touch™, our intuitive, easy to use software which simplifies the testing process.


Accurate & Controllable Testing

AccuDry eliminates the issue of reliability and continuity in regular domestic tumble drying machines.

Control over exhaust air temperature, drying and cooling times results in accurate and repeatable test conditions.

50 & 60Hz

Updates have been made to the AccuDry to make it suitable for use in more countries. Both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies are encompassed in one model.

TestWise™ Touch

TestWise Touch, intuitive touch-screen operating system - users have complete control over temperature and timings.

Clear, easy to use controls make setting up any test quick to do. Minimal training time is required.

Prevent Lint Build Up

An easy to remove compartment prevents lint building, ensuring the instrument performs well.

Material / End use

Synthetic material - textile testing


Fabrics such as jumpers, cardigans and t-shirts

pile of fabrics in multiple colours

General Apparel

Fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acetate

blue wool textile for textile testing

Wool & Wool Blends

white sheer lingerie fabric for textile testing


cotton flowers in a field

Cellulose & Cellulosic Blends

children's clothing hanging on a rack


Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Floor standing
Space requirements Depth 64.7cm
Width 59.5cm
Height 84.0cm
Approximate net weight 37kg
Power Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A) 13
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  • Woolmark TM 254
  • Woolmark TM 31
  • EN ISO 6330:2012

Additional information

AccuDry is a standardised tumble dryer that simulates domestic laundering conditions in a precise and measurable manner.

AccuDry complies with EN ISO 6330:2012, is suitable for TWC-TM 31 and 254, and meets the requirements of a range of retailers’ specifications. AccuDry can test many materials such as synthetic fabrics, wool, lingerie, cellulose and children’s wear.