Row of James Heal Titans in LC Waikiki laboratory

Titan: The Answer to a Tensile Testing Problem

LC Waikiki is a European fashion brand that has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 1988.  With an extensive supply chain and an unwavering focus on product quality, the success of the company was ably demonstrated in 2020 with the opening of its thousandth retail store.

James Heal has worked closely with LC Waikiki for over 20 years, and their main lab facility located in Istanbul is well equipped with James Heal’s textile testing instruments and laundering testers. James Heal’s local partner, Aygenteks, have been instrumental in the success of the relationship, and to this day remain close to the LC Waikiki team, providing ongoing advice and support.

Titan in LC Waikiki Lab close up
Titans in LC Waikiki Laboratory

Titan: The Answer to a Tensile Testing Problem

The LC Waikiki lab is responsible for a formidable volume of testing. With over 1 million tests conducted per year and tight service levels to meet, the pressure is always on. It is for this reason that the laboratory management team of Hasan Sunay and Sebnem Ates selected James Heal’s universal testing machine (UTM), Titan as their tensile tester of choice.

“Our previous German tensile testers were not really suitable for textile materials. The Titan is designed with software that is easier to use, and has better control, which has resulted in a measurable increase in productivity.”
Hasan Sunay

Sebnem goes on “James Heal’s specialist textile knowledge has a resulted in a product that answers our needs better. That, combined with the fantastic local support and training offered by Aygenteks has really contributed to the ongoing success of our laboratory.”

Titan is designed to be incredibly user friendly, with its TestWise software having over 600 test standards loaded in as standard, allowing users to quickly conduct whatever test is required. LC Waikiki demand high standards when it comes to product quality, so tests like seam slippage and other tensile quality assessments are vital to their operations. New standards are added to Titan all the time, and James Heal often work with clients to achieve their aims, whatever their goals are with their tensile tester. With time and efficiency being all important at the LC Waikiki lab, the Titan product has added immense value with its ease of use and simple to learn software.

“Our technicians are very skilled, but even we were surprised when one was able to operate tests on as many as four Titan’s simultaneously.”
Hasan Sunay
James Heal Martindale in LC Waikiki Lab

LC Waikiki also use James Heal’s Martindale for their abrasion and pilling testing.

For more information on Titan Universal Testing Machine, please visit our Titan page, or ask our trained experts for more information.

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