Photographic Standards

Use our standard, graded photographs - which are still widely used for the assessment of specimens in evaluating surface changes after testing.


Standard, graded photographs are commonly used in order to evaluate product specimen surface changes after testing.

Our photographs are all produced onsite, ensuring continual consistency between the different batches. Created under strictly controlled conditions helping ensure a high degree of user friendliness. The ProView assessment cabinet has these photographs preloaded into its software.

We stock both American AATC and ASTM standard photographs and replicas. There is also the in-house capacity to produce sets of special photographic standards, designed to meet your precise needs.

​Absolute consistency with every batch

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Produced in-house under strictly controlled conditions

Bespoke sets of special photographic standards can be created


  • AATCC 88B
  • ASTM D3512
  • ASTM D3939
  • ASTM D4970
  • BS 5811
  • BS 8479 (SnagPod)
  • EN ISO 15487
  • ISO 7770
  • M&S P17
  • M&S P18B
  • Woolmark TM 152
  • Woolmark TM196


  • For Single and Double Needle Seams - per set (2)
  • Per set (5)
  • Per set (9)
  • Per set
  • Per full set (3 x 4 Woven & 3 x 4 Knitted)
  • For woven fabrics - per set
  • For ASTM D3939 - per set (9)