bursting strength test materials - rubber diaphragm

Bursting Strength Test Materials

​A selection of plain, reinforced and low-pressure diaphragms and verification foils. A range to test different pressures (including low pressure diaphragms) and to meet retailers' requirements (M&S P27 and Adidas)


We stock a range of diaphragms which have been specially designed to be used adjacent to fabrics and materials when conducting testing on TruBurst. They are placed underneath the sample and are slowly inflated to apply the relevant pressure relating to the required standard.

All the different foils have reliable and standardised bursting strength resistance. They are used as part of the calibration process to verify a machine has been set up and is performing correctly.

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​Quality assured - tested in our lab

​Variety and flexibility - test different pressures

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  • ASTM D3786
  • ISO 13938-2
  • M&S P27
  • NEXT TM 22
  • WSP 30.2
  • Woolmark TM29
  • adidas® Group 4.09


  • 1mm thick - Per pack (10)
  • 1.5mm thick - Per pack (10)
  • M&S P27 & Adidas 4.09 1mm thick - Per pack (10)
  • 0.2mm thick - Per pack (10)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 60-140kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 140-260kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 280-410kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 450-550kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 560-700kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 750-920kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 7.3cm2 Dome - 160-270kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 260-370kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 370-480kPa - Per pack (5)
  • 50cm2 Dome - 480-620kPa - Per pack (5)

Pair these with TruBurst, Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester for a range of bursting strength and fatigue tests suitable for knitted textiles, medical textiles, non-wovens, paper and plastics

Peter Goodwin - Head of Technical

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