Software Update: TestWise For Titan – what’s new for 2021?

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What is TestWise OS?

TestWise is a proprietary software operating system designed and developed by James Heal’s textile technologists and software specialists, and is used across our range of materials testing instruments.

A fast and intuitive operating system, TestWise increases your laboratory’s operational efficiency, reduces downtime and improves customer satisfaction.

TestWise for Titan is our exclusive operating system for our Titan range of Universal Strength Testers, and the software has been upgraded for 2021 with a host of new features, which you can explore throughout this article.

TestWise for Titan: new features for 2021

“Our major software releases include significant features upgrades to ensure your software is as efficient and accurate as possible, to improve productivity within your laboratory and reduce downtime.”

New Standards

TestWise 2021 now supports over 700 standards, some notable additions include:

  • For the Stretch & Recovery Properties of Fabrics: EN ISO 20932-1, DS-579 v2 Draft, DS-1047 v1 Draft, AP 440
  • For Foam Compression characteristics: EN ISO 3386-1, EN ISO 3386-2
  • For Safety of Children’s Clothing: EN 17394-2, CEN/TS 17394-3
  • For Puncture Resistance of PPE Garments: EN 863, GOST 12.4.241 – Method A
  • For Face Mask Harness Pull-off Resistance: GB/T 32610
new standards for testwise 2021

Customisable graph extents (set your own graph axes scales)

When comparing the graphs (force vs extension curves) from tests, it’s often useful to view them all using the same scales on the force and extension axes in order to ensure a consistent visual assessment.

Exclude a specimen test result from statistical calculations without deleting

As an alternative solution to permanent deletion of a specimen result, a new function called “Exclude” has been added to TestWise 2021 to allow more flexibility over how you view and assess your test results.

customisable graph extents on testwise 2021

Pretension warning

Pretension, or preload, is an important part of many tests. Pretension removes the slack from the specimen before the test begins proper. It’s usually a small force, low enough to remove the slack but not too great that it affects test results.

The pretension is usually defined in the test procedure or standard. Because it’s a small force, it is applied at low speed, the default pretension speed in TestWise is 20 mm/min. This is good for most textile materials; but for more materials it may need to be significantly reduced.

The addition of pretension warning is significant because it’s possible that the current force reading from the loadcell is greater than the pretension force. If the test continues in this state then pretension will not be applied and the elongation result will be incorrect. Applied tension will be removed from force readings, resulting in lower force test results!

Titan universal strength tester 5kn and 10kN

Titan Universal Strength Tester

Titan from James Heal is a well-established range of Universal Testing Machines which come with TestWise™ software as standard. Available in 5kN and 10kN capacity models. A tensile tester suitable for testing a diverse range of applications – from apparel and non-wovens, to rubber and other non-textile materials.

Supplied with TestWise OS advanced software, for faster, smarter testing, free annual software upgrades, and over 700 pre-loaded standards and retailer test methods which can be fully customised to suit your testing needs.

“Laboratory Managers, Technologists and Operators rely on James Heal’s expert support to increase efficiency and minimise downtime.”

As textile technologists ourselves, we know that providing the best instruments is only half of the equation. Some support issues can only be resolved through specialist advice, diagnostics and applications support for your instrument and software – direct from the experts.

If you have a Titan instrument with TestWise software, and have previously had a support agreement with James Heal that has now expired, you may wish to consider renewing your support package to continue accessing and benefiting from our support services.

“As a James Heal customer, you have access to our expert technical and applications support wherever you are in the world. We offer support in various ways; from our free online KnowledgeHub, to paid support, consultancy and training.”

Renewing your expired support package is entirely optional, but a TestWise™ Titan support agreement from James Heal will ensure your continued access to the following exceptional benefits:

  • Flexible, reliable support: Wherever you are in the world, you can access our free online KnowledgeHub, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Applications Expertise: You’ll receive expert support from James Heal for the duration of your subscription. Our support is available to you via our online helpdesk, which gives you direct access to our Technical Experts and Applications Specialists, and remote trouble-shooting and diagnostics via a simple to use support ticket form.
  • Free software upgrades: With a TestWise subscription, you get all of the benefits from our latest software upgrades – at no extra cost to you. Our products continue to evolve via frequent updates/bug fixes. If you want new features, ever-improving usability, the latest standards and test methods, our TestWise™ subscription ensures you continue to receive all the latest software updates and significant upgrades throughout the year – for faster, smarter testing.
  • Peace of mind: If your technicians and operators depend on our instruments and software for materials testing, whilst you may not need to access our support service every day, having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed Technical and Applications support team offers fantastic peace of mind that should a problem arise; we are here to help you – wherever you are in the world.

A TestWise subscription gives you access to regular updates if your Titan software, including this one for 2021.

Contact us to learn more about a TestWise for Titan subscription.

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