New Range Makes Global Debut at ITMA Europe

We are excited to announce that we will launch a new collection of precision testing instruments at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

As well as our well known and established range of quality products, four new James Heal testing instruments will be showcased at the exhibition, which runs from June 20th-26th 2019.  The new instruments will be unveiled on our stand for the first time, with guests to the exhibition stand able to get hands-on and see the products demonstrated.

Focusing on the emerging theme of performance textiles and comfort testing, these products will enable a greater understanding of how garments will behave in different conditions. Our aim is to bring textile professionals a whole new level of insight into their products.

The new products cover several essential testing criteria, and always in an improved and innovative way:

  • AquAbrasion is a class-leading hybrid Martindale, which allows users to perform controlled wet abrasion testing for the first time; ideal for outdoor wear and textiles expected to perform when wet or damp.
  • TruRain is the definitive water repellency tester, allowing users to test for this in a tightly controlled and repeatable way, with the test closely replicating real life conditions.
  • ProDry provides unparalleled insight into evaporation, and how garments such as activewear or athleisure products will dry if damp through rain or sweat.
  • WickView is a state-of-the-art instrument that uses an advanced imaging system to track and record the transfer of moisture through a garment, helping understand its effectiveness at moisture management and wicking behaviour.


AquAbrasion wet abrasion martindale instrument

Amanda McLaren, our Managing Director, commented: “We’re really looking forward to welcoming customers old and new onto our stand at ITMA Europe, and particularly excited to invite attendees to put the James Heal product range on show to the test. This is our 12th time at ITMA Europe and it’s great to be returning with such an exciting new range of instruments to exclusively unveil.

As well as showcasing these new additions, some of our best-selling innovations from our core product offer will be on show. These are testing instruments developed as solutions to some of the biggest problems faced by brands and manufacturers, from a wide range of sectors. We are constantly listening to the needs of the industry we serve, and as a progressive business, we are totally committed to producing products that best meet the needs of our customers, providing them with the quality that will give them the edge over their competitors.

One particularly exciting area we are focused on is the performance wear and athleisure sector, which is a real growth area in the textile industry. However, as the provision of instruments to test in this sector is lacking and outdated at present, there is a huge opportunity to innovate.”

We’re confident we have come up with the latest testing solutions which will benefit the industry and create a real competitive advantage for those materials and garment manufacturers willing to embrace it.
Amanda McLaren

Visitors to ITMA Europe are invited to visit our stand (UL C201, under the main walkway) to see and experience a selection of our core instruments together with new introductions to the range and consult with our team of experts available on the stand.

Read more about ITMA here.

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