Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester


Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester with TestWise Touch™



Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester with TestWise Touch™.
TruFade is used to test the colour fastness to light of textiles, leather and other materials, simplifying a difficult area of light fastness testing to deliver consistent and accurate results. Now with onboard Weathering.

TruFade can test a range of standards and retailer test methods, including ISO 105-B02 and ISO 105-B04.


Intuitive TestWise™ Touch

Simple to use TestWise™software - for faster, more intuitive testing. Routine testing can be started with only three touches of the screen, therefore TruFade can be operated with minimal training, saving time and reducing the potential for operator error.

Onboard Weathering

Onboard weathering for a range of testing, including AATCC 169 and ISO 105-B04.

Air-cooled Xenon Lamp

A 2200W long lasting xenon lamp is combined with current filter technology to get as close as possible to the spectrum of natural sunlight, to replicate the damage sunlight causes to textiles worn or used outdoors.

Tri-sided specimen holders

Increase the usable exposure space to up to 1640cm2, so more testing can be done at once.

Read more about tri-sided specimen holders.

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Material / End use

Pile of jumpers, textiles, apparel, fabric


Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Backpacks and outdoorwear in mountain setting


tents and awnings

Tents & Awnings

Curtains by a window


Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Positioning Floor standing
Space requirements Length 73.1cm
Width 75.7cm
Height 173.2cm
Approximate net weight 270kg
230V AC 50/60Hz Single phase 16A
Watts 3.25kW
110V AC** 50/60Hz Two Phase 16A
Watts 3.25kW
Read our Frequently Asked Questions and download the Operators Guide for TruFade Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester KnowledgeHub


Currently viewing all standards

  • ISO 105-B02
  • ISO 12040
  • ISO 105-B04
  • M&S C9
  • M&S C9A
  • NEXT TM 1
  • adidas 5.11
  • AATCC 16.3
  • AATCC 169
  • DS-288-C
  • IUF 402
  • SLF 402

Additional information

TruFade is James Heal’s Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester with onboard weathering, that features a 2200W, long-lasting xenon lamp. A Light Fastness test measures the resistance of pigmented or printed materials to colour change or even fading, due to exposure to sunlight or even an artificial light source. Materials that TruFade can test include:

  • Sportswear
  • Outdoor wear
  • Tents & awnings
  • Curtains

The most common scales and test materials used to test light fastness are Blue Wools, which are individually dyed wool pieces, each with a different degree of fastness to light. TruFade’s high performance, long lasting, air-cooled xenon lamp works in “controlled irridance” and “blue wool” mode, which comply with international standards for textiles, leather and other materials. The TruFade design of the specimen holders ensured they are closer to the xenon lamp, making it more effective, therefore extending its lifespan.

A pull-out water tank which is stored tidily behind the front panel of the instrument makes cleaning and filling TruFade an easy task.