TruBurst pneumatic bursting strength tester


Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester with TestWise™



Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester with TestWise™ software and a range of bursting strength and fatigue tests suitable for knitted textiles, medical textiles, non-wovens, paper and plastics.


Variety of applications

Test a variety of materials including textiles, nonwovens, plastic bags, food packaging, tissues, tin foil and medical products


Simple to use TestWise™software - for faster, more intuitive testing

Five interchangeable domes

With software auto recognition of the dome size. Dome and diaphragm changing is tool-free for faster testing and less downtime


Non-contact laser distension measurement for accuracy and repeatability of test results

Material / End use

Pile of jumpers, textiles, apparel, fabric


bandages medical textiles

Medical Textiles

Synthetic material - textile testing


black bin bag plastics


magazine paper


Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements Width 40.0cm
Depth 52cm
Height 63cm
Approximate net weight 69.3kg
Power Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A) 0.3
Watts 60
Compressed air Pressure 10
Flow 50
Pressure range
Upper pressure limit kPa 1000
psi 145
kg/cm2 10.20
bar 10
kN/m2 1000
Resolution kPa 0.2
psi 0.04
kg/cm2 0.002
bar 0.002
kN/m2 0.2
Distension range
Minimum mm 0.1
cm 0.01
inches 0.004
Maximum mm 70.0
cm 7.00
inches 2.756
Resolution mm 0.1
cm 0.01
inches 0.004


Currently viewing all standards

  • ASTM D3786
  • ISO 13938-2
  • ISO 2758 (paper)
  • M&S P27
  • NEXT TM22
  • WSP 30.2 (nonwoven)
  • adidas® Group 4.09
  • Woolmark TM29
  • Edana 80.3 (nonwoven)

Additional information

TruBurst is an intelligent bursting strength tester that can perform an extensive amount of burst strength tests on a wide range of materials such as textiles, mechanical supplies, paper, food packaging, mosquito nets, and medical supplies such as wound dressings.

TruBurst provides the unique flow control for M&S P27 and Adidas 4.09. For other instruments of this type, it is necessary for the user to set all features and time the test manually, as well as calculating the results themselves. With TruBurst the process is fully automated, offering tremendous time-savings for the operator.

With warnings to let the user know if the specimen does not burst within the specified time, accurate contactless laser distension measurement ensuring pin point accuracy & extended diaphragm life and five interchangeable domes with automatic recognition of dome size, accelerating testing and minimising downtime, TruBurst is a truly innovative intelligent bursting strength tester.