QuickTest Universal Testing Machine


Universal Testing Machine



Designed as a stand-alone, simple to use testing system up to a maximum of 2.5 kN for a diverse range of applications from apparel and non-wovens to rubber and non-textile materials.

QuickTest comes in 3 different capacity ranges and travel options, with interchangeable force gauges. Ideal for high elongation low force testing.


Interchangeable Tools

We can offer a wide range of accessories and grips for a variety of testing, including button pull-off fixtures, grab test fixtures and compression plates. Please contact us for more information on the accessories available.

Instant display of results

The end test results are clearly displayed on the inbuilt control panel, providing a range of information including the maximum speed, displacement force applied and the load.

3 Models Available

QuickTest can be supplied as 3 different models - 2.5kN, 1.0kN and 0.5kN, for different capacities of testing.

Return to start position

QuickTest users have the option of setting the instrument to return to its start position for repetitive testing regimes. This feature reduces set up time, with operators having the option to run the same test cycle a total of 9999 times before needing to re-input any settings.

Material / End use

pile of fabrics in multiple colours




Poppers & Fasteners

Poppers & Fasteners


Plastic bottles


bandages medical textiles

Medical Textiles

Military Apparel


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements
QuickTest 0.5kN Depth 41.4cm
Width 29.0cm
Height 171.0cm
QuickTest 1.0kN Depth 41.4cm
Width 29.0cm
Height 151.0cm
QuickTest 2.5kN Depth 41.4cm
Width 29.0cm
Height 94.1cm
Approximate net weight
QuickTest 0.5kN 26kg
QuickTest 1.0kN 25kg
QuickTest 2.5kN 24kg
Voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz / 110 V AC 60 Hz
Maximum Power Requirements QuickTest 0.5kN 120W
QuickTest 1.0kN 200W
QuickTest 2.5kN 250W


  • ISO 13934-142
  • ISO 2062-2009
  • CEN/ TR 16792