ProDry Dry Rate Tester


Dry Rate Tester



Quick-drying is an important attribute of textiles worn next to the skin, during sporting activities where the skin is likely to perspire. ProDry replicates the conditions to verify the quick-drying fabrics are performing effectively.


Advanced TestWise Touch

Our most advanced version of TestWise Touch can automatically set up the parameters of the test, find the end point and shows a real time presentation of results. Results can be presented in a table or graph, which has pinch and zoom functionality for increased detail.

Option to Increase Data Points

Our internal testing found that increasing the number of data points used to calculate the test end time improved the accuracy and consistency of the results. Additional data points can be added into the graph once the test is complete.

Consistent Airflow

Multiple fans, an air filter and positioning of air flow sensors provide consistent air flow which is measured and controlled by an integrated airflow sensor.

Adjustable Temperature Sensor

An adjustable temperature sensor ensures that ProDry complies with the AATCC standard regardless of how thick the fabric tested is. Setting gauges are provided for quick set up.

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Material / End use

Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Height 430mm
Width 420mm
Depth 790mm
Weight 48kg


  • AATCC 201