James Heal Martindale abrasion and plling tester, 9 station instrument with hinged lid closed


Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™



Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™, available with up to 9 stations and adaptable to test a wide range of applications including textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpets, wood and shirt collars.

We were involved in the development of the original Martindale with Dr Martindale and WIRA in the 1940s. We have since established our position as a leading supplier with over 60 years of testing and development.


Fully flexible

Available in 2, 5 or 9 station models, equipped with kits to test abrasion and pilling on textiles, socks, leather, coated fabrics, soiling, wood, laminated and more

Unique ergonomic design

Gives access to all stations from the front, and the 9 station Martindale has a hinged lid which lifts to allow full access to the tables without lifting off the top plate

TestWise Touch

Simple to use TestWise Touch control system, providing optimum lab efficiency. A toughened glass cover stands up to laboratory wear and tear

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Precision clamping

Rings twist onto each station securing test materials with ease

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Material / End use

pile of fabrics in multiple colours

Textiles & Socks

Blue carpet


Different colour leather samples


Edge of car seat with coated upholstery

Coated Upholstery

Suit cuff


Wood & Laminates

Military Apparel


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements
Martindale - 2 Stations Height 24.6cm
Width 45.0cm
Depth 74.5cm
Martindale - 5 Stations Height 24.6cm
Width 67.4cm
Depth 65.2cm
Martindale - 9 Stations Height (with lid open) 61.3cm
Width 87.7cm
Depth 68.6cm
Approximate net weight
Martindale - 2 Stations 45kg
Martindale - 5 Stations 65kg
Martindale - 9 Stations 85kg
Power Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A) 0.5
Watts 60
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Additional information

The Martindale can test for abrasion resistance and fabric pilling of textiles, as well as a range of applications. The Martindale performs a certain number of rubs per cycle and will perform each rub in a Lissajous pattern. A rub is one revolution of the two outer drives of the Martindale, a cycle is the completion of all the translational abrasion movements tracing a Lissajous figure comprising 16 rubs and A Lissajous is any one of an infinite variety of curves traced out by a point which undergoes two simple motions in perpendicular directions. On a Martindale, the Lissajous is created by 16 rubs and has a total Length of 3.02m.

The Martindale has a rotational speed of 47 ± 2.5 rpm and an exposed area of specimen from 3.14cm² to 6.45cm² depending on the type of test being performed.

The Martindale can be supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories for different specimen types, including sock abrasion, a line contact plate and a leatherball plate. The instrument can test both textiles and non-textiles such as socks, leather, carpets, coated upholstery and edges.