gyrowash colour fastness to washing tester top half of instrument


Colour Fastness Tester with TestWise Touch™



Colour Fastness to Washing Tester with TestWise Touch™. For washing and dry cleaning textiles and leather. Compliant with AATCC and ISO standards and available in either 8 or 20 pot models


Quality assured

For continuous use in wet environments, made from high grade stainless steel for years of trouble-free washing testing

GyroWash 1615/20

20 large or small interchangeable test vessels - fully flexible to combine different sizes

GyroWash 1615/8

8 large or small interchangeable test vessels for complete flexibility


Temperature and time settings, rotational speed and an autostart function can all be controlled from the touchscreen

Material / End use

pile of fabrics in multiple colours


Different colour leather samples


Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended No
Positioning Floor standing
Space requirements Height 104.0cm
GyroWash 8 Pot Width 87.6cm
Depth 73.1cm
GyroWash 20 Pot Height 104.0cm
Width 126.6cm
Depth 73.1cm
Approximate net weight
GyroWash 8 Pot 135kg
GyroWash 20 Pot 238kg
GyroWash 8 Pot Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A) 16
Watts 9kW
GyroWash 20 Pot Single phase No - 3 Phase
Rating per phase (A) 22
Watts 9kW
Water Yes - 3/4" BSP Drain Size


Currently viewing all standards

  • ISO 105-C06
  • ISO 105-C08
  • ISO 105-C09
  • ISO 105-C10
  • ISO 105-C12
  • ISO 105-D01
  • ISO 105-E03
  • ISO 105-E12
  • ISO 105-X05
  • JIS L 0860
  • JIS L 0844
  • M&S C04
  • M&S C05
  • M&S C10A
  • M&S C37
  • M&S P12A
  • NEXT TM 2
  • NEXT TM 2A
  • NEXT TM 3
  • NEXT TM 3A
  • NEXT TM 5
  • GB/T 3921
  • GB/T 5711
  • Woolmark TM 177
  • Woolmark TM 193
  • Woolmark TM 240
  • Woolmark TM 241
  • Woolmark TM 250
  • Woolmark TM 294
  • Woolmark TM 300
  • AATCC TM 132
  • AATCC TM 151
  • AATCC TM 190
  • AATCC TM 61
  • AATCC TM 86
  • DS-026
  • FTMS 191A - 5506
  • FTMS 191A - 5509
  • FTMS 191A - 5600
  • FTMS 191A - 5605
  • FTMS 191A - 5610
  • FTMS 191A - 5614
  • FTMS 191A - 5620
  • FTMS 191A - 5621
  • FTMS 191A - 5622

Additional information

GyroWash is James Heal’s Colour Fastness Tester. Colour Fastness testing is measuring the ability that fabrics have to retain the dyes that are used to colour them when washed or dry cleaned. GyroWash tests the colour fastness for textiles and leather. Depending on the fabric used, dye could be held extremely well within the fibres, however, some fabrics do not and tend to “bleed” when washed. The colour fastness of fabrics is measured on a GyroWash by the change in any of the colour characteristics after washing or dry cleaning.

GyroWash can be tested above 60˚C and to ensure safety, James Heal have developed high washing temperature lids which contain the wash liquor without leakage. GyroWash has many key features, including:

  • Quick drain and fill with easy to reach fittingson the front of the instrument
  • A cool touch lid for safe access
  • A sealed, insulated bath and lid which results in lower energy usage
  • An in-built document pouch for storage of verification readings
  • Tool free, interchangeable vessels