Multi-purpose Flammability Tester with TestWise Pro™



Multi-purpose Flammability Tester with TestWise Pro™. For testing ease of ignition and flame spread properties of a variety of textile materials - from curtains and drapes to upholstery, nightwear, apparel and children's toys.


Robust control module

Equipped with a robust Control Module which stores test data. A printer can be connected directly to the module to print test reports, or the data can be sent to and stored on a remote PC

A range of standards

To comply with various BS, EN, EN ISO and retailer standards, we offer a comprehensive range of easily interchangeable gas burners, interchangeable test frames and test materials

Effective & controlled

An effective, controlled way of testing ignition and flame spread properties of a range of materials

Interchangeable frames

Interchangeable frames for a variety of tests; and a robotic arm, for precise positioning of the burner

Material / End use


Children's toys

Curtains & drapes

Including textile building materials

Protective clothing

Technical fabrics

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes - please consult the relevant standard
Positioning Floor standing
Space requirements Width 70.5cm
Depth 89.0cm
Height 175.0cm
Approximate net weight 110kg
Power Single Phase Yes
Single phase 230V ± 15% (500W) 50/60Hz


  • CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.10
  • M&S P116
  • BS 5438
  • BS 5722
  • BS 5867-2
  • BS 6249
  • BS 7837
  • EN 1101
  • EN 1102
  • EN 1103
  • EN 13772
  • EN 14878
  • EN 1624
  • EN 1625
  • EN 71-2
  • EN ISO 15025
  • EN ISO 6940
  • EN ISO 6941
  • SATRA TM225 (PM225)