ElmaTear digital elmendorf tear tester close up


Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester with TestWise™



Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester with TestWise™ software and touch-screen. Supplied with easy to fit pendulum weights suitable for testing woven and non-woven textiles as well as paper, plastic and other sheet materials.



TestWise for ElmaTear packages results and sends them directly to your computer, where you can edit, add more detail, create a bar graph or save to PDF. This makes analysing results quick and easy.

Improved blade

Increased blade efficiency, for more accurate cutting and increased wear resistance - to maximise your investment.

Pre-loaded standards

An extensive list of pre-loaded standards, organised by sample type, with options to amend or create new ones. Test parameters are pre-set to minimise downtime between testing.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting function that displays length and width results from the same specimen at the same time.


User Warnings

Range warnings are given if results fall within the upper or lower end of the scale, and a different pendulum is recommended.

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Material / End use

Woven and non-woven textile being tested on ElmaTear elmendorf tear tester

Woven & Nonwoven

Woven textiles such as shirts and trousers, nonwoven textiles such as surgical gowns

Plastic being tested on ElmaTear elmendorf tear tester


Plastic products such as document wallets, food packaging and films

Paper being tested on ElmaTear elmendorf tear tester


Paper products including envelopes, brochure pages and banknotes

Heavy denim textile being tested on ElmaTear elmendorf tear tester

Heavy Textiles

Heavier textiles such as denim

Military Apparel


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements Depth 61.7cm
Width 36.5cm
Height 63.4cm
Approximate net weight 60kg
Power 85 to 264V AC 50/60Hz
Single Phase 0.5 / 1 A 60 W
Read our Frequently Asked Questions and download the Operators Guide for ElmaTear Elmendorf Tear Tester KnowledgeHub


Currently viewing all standards

  • AS 2001.2.8
  • AS/NZS 1301.400S
  • ASTM D1424
  • ASTM D1922
  • BIS IS 13360-5-23
  • BIS IS 6489-1
  • CAN/CGSB 4.2 NO.12.3
  • ISO 1974
  • ISO 4674-2
  • ISO 6383-2
  • JIS K 7128-2
  • JIS L1096:2010 (8.23.1) Method D
  • M&S P29
  • NEXT TM17
  • TAPPI T414
  • WSP 100.1
  • GB/T 16578.2
  • GB/T 455
  • EN ISO 13937-1

Additional information

ElmaTear is James Heal’s intelligent digital Elmendorf tear tester. It is specificially designed to test the strength of woven & non-woven textiles, paper, film and even heavy textiles such as leather & denim. The Elmendorf tear test applies a force to a material that already contains a partial fracture or rupture in order to bring the material to a complete failure.

The ElmaTear blade is coated in Titanium nitride to prevent rusting and ensuring repeatable and reliable results. ElmaTear is supplied with everything needed to complete a tear test, including:

  • Pendulum weights (8N, 16N, 32N, 64N)
  • Optional pendulum weight kit for heavier materials (128N)
  • Check Weights
  • Specimen preparation Templates

TestWise for ElmaTear packages the results of the tear test and sends them directly to a computer. The user then has the option to edit and add more detail to the test results. TestWise can also be used as an archiving tool to keep a record of all previous test results.