James Heal ElastAbrasion Elastomeric Abrasion Tester


Elastomeric Abrasion Tester with TestWise Touch™



Elastomeric Abrasion Tester with TestWise Touch™. Approved by Volkswagen, for the abrasion of rubber and elastomeric materials that form items such as tyres, seals, and conveyors.


Savings in time and cost, increased productivity

Comparative tests show 80% time and cost saving compared to rotary drum (ISO) abrasion testers.

Tests 4 samples at the same time, at different thicknesses. This offers substantial time savings and increased productivity.

Authentic & realistic

Multi-directional abrasion, in the form of a specially developed Lissajous pattern, closely reflects the abrasion of elastomeric components in a vehicle.

Debris is removed by compressed air, ensuring the sample remains in contact with the abrasive paper throughout the test.

Complies with standards

Compliant with ASTM D8115, Standard Test Method for Rubber Property Abrasion Resistance. Formally approved by Volkswagen (PV3984).

Consistency of results

High instrument test accuracy results in reliable and reproducible performance data. The range of results is 50% less than those of drum abraders.

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Material / End use

Vehicle tyres


Rubber mats

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements Height 119.1cm
Width 124.6cm
Depth 84.5cm
Approximate net weight 160kg
Power 85-264VAC 50/60Hz
Compressed air Compressed air from factory air line: 1 bar
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  • ASTM D8115
  • PV3984