James Heal DynaWash garment and printed fabric durability tester instrument

DynaWash & DynaWash Duo

Garment and Printed Fabric Durability Tester with TestWise Touch™



Garment and Printed Fabric Durability Tester with TestWise Touch™. Ideal for laboratories performing a high volume of wash tests, offering time-saving and sustainability benefits. Read More about the instrument of choice for garment sustainability.


15 minutes of testing

Fifteen minutes of testing in the DynaWash is approximately equivalent to five domestic washes, removing the need for repeated wash and dry tests.

Integrated spinner

An integrated spinner allows the user to rinse and extract excess water from samples without the need for a separate spinner.

Multiple test types

A range of textile testing can be performed in the DynaWash Duo, including print durability, pleat retention, cockling, flock retention, crinkling, differential shrinkage and security of attachments, plus many others

TestWise Touch

TestWise Touch, intuitive touch-screen operating system - customise tests and begin testing in just 3 clicks

Material / End use

print durability cracked printed fabric as tested on DuraWash garment and printed fabric durability tester

Printed garments

dark blue pleated fabric, which can be tested on dynawash garment and printed fabric durability tester


gold sequins and applique attachments


children's clothing hanging on a rack

Children's Clothing

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended No
Positioning Floor standing
Space requirements
DynaWash Duo Length 76.0cm
Width 101.0cm
Height 95.0cm
DynaWash Length 76.0cm
Width 56.0cm
Height 95.0cm
Approximate net weight
DynaWash Duo 140kg
DynaWash 80kg
Power Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A)
DynaWash Duo 14
DynaWash 12
Water Supply Hot or Cold Water Feed: ¾ inch BSP
Drainage Drain: x2 ¾ inch BSP
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  • M&S C15
  • M&S P5
  • M&S P6
  • M&S P7 Durability of Waddings and Quilted Waddings to Washing
  • M&S P69
  • Arcadia AG10
  • BS 7907
  • Woolmark TM8