James Heal crockmaster crockmeter hand operated for textile testing


Crockmeter, colour fastness to rubbing tester



James Heal's CrockMaster is a crockmeter instrument used to determine colour fastness to wet and dry rubbing. It tests textiles, carpets, laminates, and printing inks, as well as the micro-scratch resistance of lacquers, coatings and painted surfaces. It is available in motorised and hand-operated models.


Two models available

Available as either a hand operated or motorised instrument.

Easy to load

The rubbing finger is easy to load with crocking cloth by using a spring clip.

Alternative applications

Apart from textile testing, the CrockMaster can be used to test the colour fastness to rubbing of carpets, laminates and printing inks.

It also tests the micro-scratch resistance of lacquers, coatings or painted surfaces.

Flexible Design

The specimen clamp has been designed to be suitable for a wide variety of materials.

The weight to produce a loading of 9N is removable and alternative weights can be used.

Material / End use

pile of fabrics in multiple colours


grey and white yarns, textile testing components


Pile of jumpers, textiles, apparel, fabric


Backpacks and outdoorwear in mountain setting

Outdoor wear

Blue carpet


Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Military Apparel

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements
Motorised CrockMaster Length 66.0cm
Width 32.0cm
Height 23.0cm
Hand Operated CrockMaster Length 66.0cm
Width 12.0cm
Height 23.0cm
Approximate net weight
Motorised CrockMaster 18kg
Hand Operated CrockMaster 10kg
Power (Motorised CrockMaster) Single phase Yes
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Currently viewing all standards

  • ISO 105-X12
  • M&S C08
  • IKEA IOS-TM-0002
  • NEXT TM06
Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz DBL 7384
  • BS 3424: Part 14
  • BS 2543
  • AATCC 165
  • AATCC 8

Additional information

The Perfect Partners for CrockMaster

Crock Blocks

Crock Blocks are interchangeable fingers created to test textile floor coverings and other pile fabrics according the the standards ISO 105 x12 and AATCC 165.

Alternative Weights

Different loading weights are available for both models of CrockMaster, including 9N, 9.8N, 12N, 19N and 22.5N.

Crocking Cloth

The crocking test is based on assessing the amount of dye transferred from the specimen under test to a standardised crocking cloth. We supply pre-cut cloths to suit the differing requirements of ISO and AATCC standards.

Grey Scales

When the test is complete, an assessment of the amount of colour transferred to the crocking cloth is made with the aid of a grey scale.