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Improving AzoLab’s Service Offering

Improving an Independent Laboratory’s Service Offering and helping them compete in a competitive industry.

The Customer: AzoLab

AzoLab Laboratory Services Inc., is an independent laboratory, based in Istanbul, Turkey since 2015. With innovation and willingness to contribute to the development of the textile industry, its laboratories are equipped with high quality analytical devices for physical testing, fastness testing, chemical analysis.

The company invests in the most modern testing technology, and in the development of new test methods. For more information, see:

AzoLab GyroWash pot with textiles
AzoLabs case study James Heal Titan Universal Strength Tester button attachment
After feedback from customers, we wanted to cover Physical and analytical tests in order to adapt to the developing needs of the sector, to meet customer demands, and to increase our test potential and accredited tests.
Laboratory Manager, AzoLab
The Challenge

When seeking a supplier of Materials Testing equipment, AzoLab’s goals were to:

  • increase its service offering
  • offer its customers full coverage for textile testing – from Physical tests to Fastness testing
  • find a partner who could deliver exceptional quality, and first class customer and technical support
The James Heal Solution

“Since this is our first physical laboratory experience, we have not worked with a textile testing equipment company before. Our first choice was James Heal – we didn’t consider an alternative manufacturer or brand,” explains the Laboratory Manager at AzoLab. “We chose James Heal as we have used their instruments in similar organisations, and with a leading position in this sector, we knew James Heal’s brand reputation stood for quality and innovation.”

Key benefits 
According to AzoLab, there are five main reasons for choosing to work with James Heal’s equipment in their new laboratory:

  • Established Calibration service, with regular monitoring of the calibration program
  • Certificates are provided with the delivery
  • Easy and understandable software
  • Easily accessible technical support through online service desk Knowledgehub
  • Device installation and after-sales training/support
AzoLabs case study James Heal ElmaTear Elmendorf instrument
AzoLabs case study rolls of colourful material
The Result

Since choosing James Heal, Azolab has reported the following benefits:

  • Wider scope of physical testing has generated new customer relationships (that they were previously unable to work with)
  • Faster response times to customer requests: more reliable testing with repeatable results
  • Significantly better handling and maintenance of the testing equipment
  • Easy software for faster, smarter testing, increased operator efficiency

We asked Azolab, if they could specify their favourite feature of James Heal’s products or services, what would it be?

The software is easy and understandable, the service is reliable and the technical support is easily accessible!

Working with James Heal has positively influenced us: We have added a wide spectrum of textile physical tests to our scope, and have already started responding faster to customer requests. We've also started working with customers that we couldn’t work with before because we couldn’t meet the demanding needs of both Physical and Analytical testing!
AzoLab on the result of working with James Heal

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