James Heal Martindale abrasion and pilling tester

Supporting STC through innovation and design

STC Group is a Testing, Inspection and Certification organisation based in Vietnam. The company specialises in testing a wide range of materials, including chemicals, medical equipment, and textiles.

“STC has gained worldwide recognition from accreditation bodies and organizations for ensuring product safety and quality compliance, issuing reliable and accurate reports, and providing exceptional customer support services.”

For this project, we worked closely with their team based in Vietnam. For more information about the company, see: https://www.stc.group/

laboratory technician cutting fabric
laboratory technician using chemicals
Working with James Heal

When choosing a supplier, STC Group were looking for testing equipment that could meet the following objectives:

  • High level of precision
  • Good design and quality
  • Easy to use software
  • Reliable maintenance and service

Tuyen Pham, Operations Manager with responsibility for the Laboratory, Technical Sales and Marketing, had worked with James Heal in previous roles and knew we could help them meet their objectives.

We were their first choice for a new Martindale (9 stations), Impulse 3, AccuDry and Wascator, as Tuyen explains:

“Because we have operated in this industry for a long time, we have very specific requirements. We have wide range of suppliers and brands for physical textiles testing, however James Heal have the best reputation in physical testing, particularly for their Martindale for abrasion and pilling testing.”
Tuyen Pham

Design and Software is Key

Tuyen emphasises that design and simplicity was key when choosing their instruments, as they have experienced issues with other testing machines that are too complicated for many lab technicians to use. They realised they needed to replace their testing equipment with a better solution:

“The design of James Heal equipment matches the requirements of the standards; and as a third party providing testing, we need to ensure a high level of precision. We also need equipment that is quick and easy to operate for many types of Lab Technician. We really liked the modern design, easy to manage machines and the intuitive software.”

Tuyen says she and her lab team enjoy using the TestWise software as it’s easy to use, requires little training and comes in many different languages.

STC Group’s experience using James Heal instruments

Tuyen explains that efficiency is very important,  “If we can reduce testing time this helps turnaround tests faster, and we know we can be more efficient with James Heal products.”

We asked what is their favourite feature of the instruments they chose:

“We particularly like the innovative design of the Martindale. The design looks good, using the touchscreen we can monitor different test positions, and compared with other products I think this is the best choice. Our technicians can perform more tests - the number of positions mean we can increase capacity if we need to!”
Tuyen Pham on the James Heal Martindale
James Heal Martindale Abrasion and pilling tester

An important factor in this process was the relationship between James Heal and STC Group. Building long-lasting customer relationships is important to us, and many of our customers have worked with us for many years.

This was the case with STC Group, as Javier Manzano, International Sales Manager explains:

"We have built a strong relationship between the team at STC Group, James Heal and our Sales Channel Partner in Vietnam, Thach Anh Vang. We were pleased to assist with these instruments, and hope to continue in strength going forward."
Javier Manzano

To find out more about our Martindale Abrasion and Pilling tester click here.

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