6 Reasons to use pre-prepared Test Materials

At James Heal we offer a wide range of pre-prepared test materials. In our dedicated in-house Test Materials Centre we produce test materials to an extremely high standard and have rigorous quality checking procedures to ensure consistency of product.

Examples of the high quality pre-prepared test material products we supply include the original SM25 Martindale Abrasive Cloth, woven and non-woven felt, polyurethane foam for Martindale abrasion, blue wool standards for light fastness, crocking cloths, and Multifibre, which is woven in-house in our Test Materials Centre.

In many cases, we are able to produce pre-prepared test materials to suit the needs of the customer – whether a particular quantity is required, or a non-standard material, we can help.

Although pre-prepared test materials may cost a little more, they have many benefits and actually save money in the long-run.

So, what are the main benefits of using James Heal’s pre-prepared test materials? Here are 6 of the best reasons for your laboratory:

1. No internal preparation required

Often in an independent test house or laboratory with large workloads there can be literally hundreds of different fabrics being tested each week. Each fabric may require various amounts and types of test material. To prepare the test materials and the fabric can be extremely time- consuming, so pre-prepared test materials offer a way of being as efficient as possible and can provide the ability for technicians to spend more time testing.

  • Time saving – valuable time spent preparing test materials is saved
  • The speed of testing can be increased and therefore the lab can process more tests per week – increasing turnover
  • No specific cutting equipment required – therefore no maintenance/replacement costs

2. Accurate preparation

The key aspect to any test is compliance with the relevant test Standard. To ensure compliance, test materials must be of the correct dimensions. In a busy testing environment, samples could be prepared inaccurately, which may compromise the outcome of the test. Our accurately cut, pre-prepared test materials remove the possibility of human error in test materials preparation.

  • Reduces risk of inaccurate test results – ensures compliance with Standards and assures the customer of test reliability
  • No wastage because of inaccurate preparation – cost saving
  • Simplifies testing procedure for technicians who may be unfamiliar with the test – time saving

3. No waste

A huge benefit of using James Heal’s pre-prepared test materials is that there is no waste, so every piece purchased will be used. As Martindale tests usually require circles of fabric to be cut from rolls of rectangular fabric, waste is inevitable. Using pre-prepared test materials ensures that there is zero wastage.

  • No wastage from inaccurately prepared samples or from preparing circles from rectangular shaped fabric – cost saving
  • No wastage – more environmentally friendly

4. Buying flexibility

As we have our own Test Materials Centre here at James Heal, we are able to be flexible with the products we offer. If a customer requires a non-standard test material, or a one-off size or amount, then we are able to help. For example if a Blue Wool scale of 1-8 is not needed, but 1-4 scale is, then we can provide just the scale required on pre-mounted card.

  • Receive only the required number/size of the test materials being ordered – reduces wastage
  • Only purchase the amount required – cost saving

5. Easy to manage inventory and storage

James Heal’s pre-prepared test materials come presented in stackable sealed packages, which are much smaller and easier to handle than large rolls. The packages are also easier to store and provide protection against contamination, which may otherwise affect test results. Inventory control is easier, and it is quicker to check stock with pre-prepared test materials, as the box labels tell you at a glance how much is contained within. It is also easier to quickly judge how much product you have in stock – making re-ordering an easier process.

  • Easy to store – packaged in boxes
  • Easier to handle – arrive in smaller boxes
  • Protected against contamination – less possibility of wastage or unreliable test results
  • Easier to judge stock levels – labels clearly state amount in each box

6. Easier to cost consumption

Costing the consumption of pre-prepared test materials is much easier to do than with rolls or sheets. When materials are being prepared in-house, it can be difficult to gauge the amount of test fabric being used, ordered, and wasted due to human error. Costs may be calculated on the price of test materials versus the number of tests performed, and this is likely to distort actual costs. Using accurately pre-prepared test materials ensures figures that show cost versus tests performed are much more accurate.

  • Using pre-prepared test materials means no wastage and more accurate stock control
  • Costs are easier to calculate and more accurate

The perfect partnership

James Heal makes test materials and instruments, giving our team an in depth understanding of how they integrate so we can offer you the best solution possible. For more information about pre-prepared test materials and a full list of available products, please contact your local exclusive James Heal agent, or email us at: sales@james-heal.co.uk

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