Blue wool colour fastness measurement

Blue Wool Standards: for testing colour fastness to light.

Cotton Lawn and Crocking Cloths

Crocking Cloth: for testing colour transfer.


Detergents: for colour fastness and shrinkage testing.

Grey scales measuring colour and staining

Grey Scales: for assessing colour and staining.

Makeweights for shrinkage or durability testing

Makeweights: for shrinkage or durability testing.

Martindale test materials

Martindale Test Materials: for abrasion and pilling tests.


Multifibre: European and American.

Phenolic yellowing

Phenolic Yellowing: yellowing test kit.

Photographic Standards for Textile Testing

Photographic Standards: for assessing the appearance of specimens.

pilling snagging

Pilling/Snagging: complementary test materials.


Watch our short video for an introduction to Test Materials (also known as Testing Consumables). You can rely on James Heal for quality test materials to complement our precision engineered testing instruments.