New ElmaTear electronic elmendorf tester


For markets as diverse as paper, plastic, nonwoven and textiles, ElmaTear is the only software driven Electronic Elmendorf tester that offers 14 A to E pendulums. This allows laboratories to increase their range of testing and attract additional business revenue.

Twenty pre-programmed standards, organised by material test type, can be easily selected from the main menu screen, with an option to add and edit standards. ElmaTear is further enhanced and supported by the easy to use PC based TestWise analysis software.

ElmaTear electronic elmendorf tester

A range of weights

Two additional weights, suitable for testing lighter specimens such as paper, film, nonwovens and plastic, have been added to the ElmaTear. It is supplied with A, B, C, D and the new ½ A and ¼ A as standard. An optional weight E, for testing to 128N, can also be ordered. ¼ A is fitted to the instrument as standard. This range of weights means the user can test a wider variety of materials.

ElmaTear tear process - moving GIF

The Tear Action

The animation on the left, which we have slowed down from actual speed, shows the transfer of energy through the pendulum action to tear the specimen.

The animation also shows the innovative rotary cam lock jaws which have increased clamping strength.


Key Benefits

ElmaTear - seven inch capacitive touch screen

The introduction of this clear and uncluttered display makes the ElmaTear fast and responsive. It provides an intuitive experience for first time users.

ElmaTear - preloaded standards

An extensive list of pre-loaded standards, organised by sample type, are pre-defined within the instrument. There is the option to amend these and create new ones.

ElmaTear - significant investment in blade technology

An investment in technology has resulted in increased blade efficiency, providing more accurate cutting, increased wear resistance and a longer life span.

ElmaTear - pendulum self verification

The ElmaTear performs pendulum self-verification in one swing, a significant reduction in time on the previous model and other similar products in the market.

ElmaTear - comprehensive safety features

A two hand release mechanism ensures the user is clear of the pendulum swing, and the blade is covered by a safety guard for extra protection.

TestWise software for ElmaTear

TestWise transfers results to a PC to be easily analysed, presenting them in a table and as a bar graph. They can then be printed or saved to PDF.

ElmaTear - intelligent tear testing

User error is kept to a minimum as the intelligent ElmaTear provides guidance and warnings throughout the testing process.

ElmaTear - protective mat

A protective mat around the base of the instrument protects it from laboratory wear and tear. This keeps the instrument in good condition, increasing it’s lifespan.

ElmaTear - Detailed reporting

The comprehensive reporting function means that the length and width results from the same specimen can be seen at the same time.


Support Services

We understand that you are looking for a full package so we offer complete support for the full life of your ElmaTear:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Breakdown Support
  • Applications Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Service & Calibration

Find out more about our full support services.

ElmaTear Accessories

ElmaTear is supplied with everything you need to start testing:

  • Pendulum Weights (¼A-D)
  • Optional Pendulum Weight (E)*
  • Check Weights
  • Specimen Preparation Templates

* The optional heavy duty Pendulum Weight (E) allows you to double the standard capacity of 64N to 128N.


ElmaTear Flyer

Further information on the the key benefits and the dimensions of the ElmaTear, Intelligent Diigital Tear Tester, is available on this flyer.


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